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Tras puertas cerradas y ventanas abiertas

Traducido al español por StSassaAdvertencias: contenido sexualmente explícito Los exámenes trimestrales están a la vuelta de la esquina y Arthit y Kongpob apenas y pueden encontrar un minuto para estar juntos. Una noche, tienen que ponerse creativos si quieren ponerse íntimos. Si Kongpob pudiera mencionar una cosa que definitivamente ha cambiado entre él y su novio desde hace un año, sería que Arthit ya no huye de sus toques. Al menos, no tras las puertas cerradas. Le tomó un mes o dos para que el temperamental mayor permitiera a Kongpob… Read more Tras puertas cerradas y ventanas abiertas

Pastillita Feliz

Advertencias: Contenido sexualmente explícitoTraducido al español por StSassa Después de una resaca, Arthit toma una pastilla para aliviar su dolor … y obtiene más placer de lo que esperaba.  A Arthit le gusta pensar que no es del tipo que se emborracha con facilidad, y la mayoría de las veces que esto sucede, por lo regular es el último aún algo sobrio luego de una particularmente revoltosa noche fuera con sus amigos. Es tanto una bendición como una maldición, porque aunque muy raras veces tiene resaca al día siguiente, a… Read more Pastillita Feliz

Happy Little Pill

Warnings: Sexually Explicit Content, Non-Narcotic Drug Use Nursing his hangover, Arthit takes a pill to ease the pain…and gets more pleasure than he asked for. Arthit likes to think that he’s not the type to get drunk easily, and more often that not, he’s usually the last one still somewhat sober after some particularly rowdy nights out with the guys. It’s both a blessing and curse, in that while he rarely feels hungover the next day, he’s often stuck with the task of hauling his inebriated friends back to their… Read more Happy Little Pill

Behind Closed Doors & Open Windows

Warnings: Sexually Explicit Content, Exhibitionism…kind of. Midterms are around the corner, and Kongpob and Arthit can barely find a minute to spend with each other. Separated by the windows to their dorms, they have to get creative to get intimate. If Kongpob could put his finger on one thing that had changed between him and his boyfriend in the last year, it would be that Arthit no longer shied away from his every touch. Behind closed doors, at least. It had taken a month or two for the prickly senior… Read more Behind Closed Doors & Open Windows

Utility & Satisfaction

Warnings: Sexually Explicit Content, Slight OOC Kongpob is having a really difficult time studying for his entrance exam, so Arthit offers him some…assistance. Sometimes, Kongpob wonders if he’s truly cut out to study economics, or if his naïve high school self had simply been looking to go against the grain of what his parents expected of him. Engineering, while not his first choice, had least been a fruitful experience both in his learning and, of course, his personal life. It’s a Friday evening, and while most of his friends are… Read more Utility & Satisfaction

Ladder to Almost Heaven

Warnings: Sexually Explicit Content Feeling particularly lonely as she watches her best friend fall deeper in love with his senior every day, Prae comes to terms with what she truly wants for herself, but can’t resist one last endeavour in a secret affair that has no promise of fulfilling what her heart truly desires. Perhaps it’s simply because she’s just not a fan of unnecessary noise, but it’s at Kongpob and Arthit’s joint birthday get-together that Prae is reminded of how parties are really not her scene. Maprang, ever the… Read more Ladder to Almost Heaven

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