My Fan Fiction

This is a home base for all the fan fiction I’ve written that I still have a copy of. You can also find most of my work on my AO3 account, linked below.


All my chaptered works

I don’t do multi-chaptered work that often, but I do have a few at various stages of completion.


Oneshots, ficlets and drabbles

Some of these are series, although a couple are standalones.

18+ content

Mature content: 18+ only

Contains sexually explicit content. Proceed at your own risk.

My favourite tropes to read:

  • fake dating
  • arranged marriage
  • enemies/rivals to lovers / belligerent sexual tension
  • coffee shop AU
  • corporate AU
  • high school/college AU
  • any sort of meet-cute scenario

Tropes/genres/scenes I don’t generally read (although there are exceptions for the first three):

  • supernatural (especially werewolves / vampires)
  • gore
  • horror
  • murder/violence
  • rape
  • self-harm
  • pedophilia

About my own writing:

  • Mostly quite wholesome (trope/genre-wise)
  • Sometimes I write crack smut because I’m incapable of writing serious or romantic smut
  • Often quite personal because I prefer to write stories loosely based in experience rather than trying too hard to think of events I can’t relate to
  • I like to include a lot of descriptive detail and imagery to add to and reflect characters’ feelings or the general atmosphere, or sometimes just for background context
  • I only write for characters from fictional media or RPF in a very distinctly AU setting.