About Me

an opinionated nerd.

Hi! I’m Lynn, or more commonly used across my platforms, saltedpeaches. I love creating things for fandom-related projects, including fan fiction, video projects, and occasionally I draw (although I’m no good at it).

You can just call me ‘Lynn’. I prefer to not be attached to any other titles or honourifics, especially those from cultures that don’t apply to my own identity.

I speak English, Cantonese, Mandarin, and Spanish. While my main medium of communication is English, you’re welcome to talk to me in the other three languages, too!

As you can probably tell from my icon on the left, I’m a huge fan of the Thai BL drama SOTUS: The Series. I enjoy a lot of other queer media as well, by way of YA novels and anime, although SOTUS is the fandom I’m currently most invested in.