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Prompt by @crimsonfool on Twitter. Arthit likes to consider himself proficient in the art of self-control.  It’s evident in the way the way he’ll grumble at his laptop screen as he’s up late finishing another assignment, disallowing himself to indulge in the icy pink drink in his fridge until he’s finished. It reveals itself when his peers are snickering at their professor’s jiggling underarm skin as she cleans a patch of the chalkboard, and Arthit merely mashes his lips together and looks down at his notes, messy but complete.  But… Read more Bouncy

After the Beep

Warnings: Implied MCD. Kongpob leaves Arthit some voice messages. He-hello? Is it recording? —Yes, P’Arthit, it’s recording—Oh, right. Um, this is Arthit. I’m…busy or something so leave a message. Maybe I’ll get back to you. —P’Arthit, you can’t say that!— What? It’s not a guarantee I’ll reply! —Well, no, but—BEEP! “P’Arthit, you really need to change your voicemail greeting. Anyway, I’m guessing you’re in a meeting or something. I’m just getting off work right now, and I’m about to head to the market to buy dinner. Do you want anything… Read more After the Beep

Laundry Day

[click play to start] 🧺 Hello. Thanks for joining us tonight as we take a peek into the quiet, simple lives of one boy and his favourite companion. Let us gently rinse away our worries and tension of the day. There’s a laundry room on the basement floor of the dormitory building where Arthit stays. It’s shared among all the students who live in the same building complex. Most of them do their laundry in the late morning or early afternoon of the weekends, shuffling in and out of the… Read more Laundry Day

Enfermo de amor

Traducido al español por StSassa Los planes de Kongpob para ir a China cambian inesperadamente debido al brote de COVID-19. No es como si fuera a decirlo en voz alta, pero desde que Kongpob anunció que había sido aceptado en su programa de maestría y que se iría pronto, Arthit sin duda alguna se había sentido ansioso y pesimista. Aunque había pasado meses ayudándolo a estudiar día y noche luego de la graduación de su menor, una parte de él temía el día en que tendría que ir dejar a… Read more Enfermo de amor


Kongpob’s plans to go to China take an unexpected turn due to the outbreak of COVID19. Not that he would ever admit it out loud, but ever since Kongpob had announced that he’d been accepted into his masters programme and would be leaving soon, Arthit had been decidedly anxious and pessimistic. While he had spent months following his junior’s graduation helping him study day and night, a part of him dreaded the day he’d have to send his lover off at the airport. He had immense pride over Kong’s accomplishments,… Read more Lovesick

Tras puertas cerradas y ventanas abiertas

Traducido al español por StSassaAdvertencias: contenido sexualmente explícito Los exámenes trimestrales están a la vuelta de la esquina y Arthit y Kongpob apenas y pueden encontrar un minuto para estar juntos. Una noche, tienen que ponerse creativos si quieren ponerse íntimos. Si Kongpob pudiera mencionar una cosa que definitivamente ha cambiado entre él y su novio desde hace un año, sería que Arthit ya no huye de sus toques. Al menos, no tras las puertas cerradas. Le tomó un mes o dos para que el temperamental mayor permitiera a Kongpob… Read more Tras puertas cerradas y ventanas abiertas

Utility & Satisfaction

Warnings: Sexually Explicit Content, Slight OOC Kongpob is having a really difficult time studying for his entrance exam, so Arthit offers him some…assistance. Sometimes, Kongpob wonders if he’s truly cut out to study economics, or if his naïve high school self had simply been looking to go against the grain of what his parents expected of him. Engineering, while not his first choice, had least been a fruitful experience both in his learning and, of course, his personal life. It’s a Friday evening, and while most of his friends are… Read more Utility & Satisfaction

Ladder to Almost Heaven

Warnings: Sexually Explicit Content Feeling particularly lonely as she watches her best friend fall deeper in love with his senior every day, Prae comes to terms with what she truly wants for herself, but can’t resist one last endeavour in a secret affair that has no promise of fulfilling what her heart truly desires. Perhaps it’s simply because she’s just not a fan of unnecessary noise, but it’s at Kongpob and Arthit’s joint birthday get-together that Prae is reminded of how parties are really not her scene. Maprang, ever the… Read more Ladder to Almost Heaven

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