Other Projects

Lol that makes it sound like I have a ton of other things I’m working on. I don’t; it’s just one, really.

SOTUS University Lecture Series

This is an ongoing video lecture series in which I analyse various aspects of SOTUS: The Series. So far, there’s only one episode of one course, starting with my favourite character, Arthit. You can watch it below! These lectures do take a lot of work and prep, so the updates are pretty slow, but I promise to at least get the series on Arthit done!

Each lecture includes English subtitles, so click CC in the play bar to turn those on. I will slowly add other languages, starting with Spanish.

I should also clarify that the voice you hear is actually me, but that’s not my natural accent. I actually speak a lot less articulately in real life, but for the sake of clarity, I’ve adjusted my accent to make it easier for most people to understand.

CHRC1001: Introduction to Arthit Rojnapat