Other Projects

Lol that makes it sound like I have a ton of other things I’m working on. I don’t; it’s just one, really.

SOTUS University Lecture Series

This is a video lecture in which I analyse various aspects of SOTUS: The Series. I originally planned for there to be four episodes in total, but because of all the planning and research involved as well as the video editing, it just took up too way much time and energy that I just don’t have anymore.

It includes English subtitles, so click CC in the play bar to turn those on.

I should also clarify that the voice you hear is actually me, but that’s not my natural accent. I actually speak a lot less articulately in real life, but for the sake of clarity, I’ve adjusted my accent to make it easier for most people to understand.

CHRC1001: Introduction to Arthit Rojnapat

DSW1 Songcast

A fandom friend asked me to lend my words and voice for a short clip in which I talk about the sentiment behind a song (in this case, Megamix, by Anson Lo).