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Chapter 5: Balance: ฿856

Kongpob doesn’t think he’s ever been at school this early, especially on a Monday. As Arthit had told him they would be, the gates are already open, but the entire campus is still with the grey morning, the only movement coming from a few dragonflies circling the garden pond.  It’s almost 7:00 as Kongpob enters the equally silent library. The librarian herself isn’t at her desk yet, and the only person guarding the place is a rather reluctantly breathing member of custodial staff. Most of the library isn’t even lit,… Read more Chapter 5: Balance: ฿856

Chapter 21: Balance: ฿361

It’s the second time that Kongpob steps foot into Arthit’s apartment, but the first that he’s seeing his room.  Unlike the rest of the place, the walls of the small room are painted an off-white. In the corner, a single bed with faded cartoon-print bedding, worn soft from years of use, and tucked under the bed frame, a collapsible bed tray and a cluster of plastic storage containers. A small wooden desk by a large window that overlooks the inner street that the building is on, although the surface of… Read more Chapter 21: Balance: ฿361

Chapter 6: Balance: ฿846

Kongpob spends most of Monday evening conducting thorough research about what he’d unintentionally unearthed (but only after he’s finished his homework, of course). He knows he needs to give Arthit space to open up and not push the matter, but curiosity still eats at him and he’d be lying if he said he weren’t at all worried. Despite that they’ve only been friends for a week and a half, Kongpob has already developed an intense fascination with his classmate. He narrows it down to feeling guilty for not knowing his… Read more Chapter 6: Balance: ฿846

Chapter 22: Balance: ฿321

Maybe he should be the one to say something. Arthit could spend the rest of his high school life waiting for Kongpob to tell him, but at this rate, he’d rather just rip the bandaid off now than have to continue suffering through this seemingly endless pining. If this were a story, he imagines that readers would be pulling their hair out from the agonisingly slow burn by now. It’s definitely more than just a silly crush at this point, although he can’t pinpoint when exactly his deep admiration had… Read more Chapter 22: Balance: ฿321

Chapter 7: Balance: ฿815

“Okay, slow down a moment, I’m still trying to figure out this step.” 2 ( x + 6 ) + 3 ( x + 4 ) Kongpob scratches his head, staring at the question and trying to pick out how to best expand and simplify the equation. They’re in the library again this morning, Arthit diving straight into practice questions before Kongpob gets the chance to distract him with small talk.  = 2 x + 12 + 3 x + 12 He looks up at Arthit for confirmation. “Yeah. Now,… Read more Chapter 7: Balance: ฿815

Chapter 23: Balance: ฿285

His father’s grave, one of many in a tightly packed row of headstones, looks mostly the same, if a little worn from a few months worth of built up grime due to heavy rain. Not that Arthit had been expecting any different, seeing as, well, the dead can’t rise up and make a significant mess to clean up. It’s a quiet morning, though, perhaps because most people visit during weekends rather than a Thursday morning.  After shooting Kongpob and M a quick text saying he wouldn’t be in school that… Read more Chapter 23: Balance: ฿285

Chapter 8: Balance: ฿780

Kong☕: Hey, sorry, but I can’t stop by today.😞  Kong☕: Practice finished late and Mae insisted on picking me up herself.  Arthit☀️: uh…ok? u don’t have to eat here every day Kong☕: I know.  Kong☕: Just letting you know in case you might wonder where I am. Arthit☀️:ur not my only customer 🙄 Kong☕: But I’m your favourite? 🥺 Arthit☀️: as if 😒  Arthit☀️: other customers don’t require me to manually keep a record of their spendings 😤 Kong☕: ☹️ Kong☕: Hey, when is your birthday, by the way? Arthit☀️:… Read more Chapter 8: Balance: ฿780

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