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Prompt by @crimsonfool on Twitter. Arthit likes to consider himself proficient in the art of self-control.  It’s evident in the way the way he’ll grumble at his laptop screen as he’s up late finishing another assignment, disallowing himself to indulge in the icy pink drink in his fridge until he’s finished. It reveals itself when his peers are snickering at their professor’s jiggling underarm skin as she cleans a patch of the chalkboard, and Arthit merely mashes his lips together and looks down at his notes, messy but complete.  But… Read more Bouncy

After the Beep

Warnings: Implied MCD. Kongpob leaves Arthit some voice messages. He-hello? Is it recording? —Yes, P’Arthit, it’s recording—Oh, right. Um, this is Arthit. I’m…busy or something so leave a message. Maybe I’ll get back to you. —P’Arthit, you can’t say that!— What? It’s not a guarantee I’ll reply! —Well, no, but—BEEP! “P’Arthit, you really need to change your voicemail greeting. Anyway, I’m guessing you’re in a meeting or something. I’m just getting off work right now, and I’m about to head to the market to buy dinner. Do you want anything… Read more After the Beep

True Love’s Kiss

AU Setting: Snow White and the Seven Dwarves (the original fairytale, not the Disney film). That being said, I’ve used the nicknames from the film just to distinguish between the different dwarves. Genre is humour/fluff/crack. I don’t know if I need to put a warning for character death seeing as I imagine all of us know how the story of Snow White goes already…? For your reference: Following the death of their beloved Snow White, the seven dwarves mourn in their own ways. Grumpy takes it particularly hard, and Happy… Read more True Love’s Kiss

Great Heights

Kongpob finds himself in an unusual predicament one afternoon when he seeks comfort at his favourite place on campus. On days following heavy storms, a cool breeze sifts through the area, the humid weight of dark grey clouds having dissipated from the skies. On days like these, Kongpob likes to spend time alone under his favourite spot on the university lawn. Actually, to call it a lawn would be a bit of stretch, seeing as it’s really more of a 200 meter-squared spread of dried-up grass that is rarely maintained,… Read more Great Heights

Juice of Weapon

Kongpob is alone at home, until an intruder breaks into the apartment, and he has to think quick on his feet. It’s been awfully quiet for the past week.  Kongpob finds himself still momentarily confused when he wakes up to find the space on the mattress next to him cold and empty. There’d been one night earlier in the week when he’d completely forgotten that he was alone, and had accidentally bought dinner for two. Not being able to stomach spicy food, he’d given the other meal to a homeless… Read more Juice of Weapon

Picture This

A series of pictures in KongArt’s lives that are for Arthit’s eyes only. “Help me take a picture! Use your phone; it takes good photos.” Hazers, freshmen, and alumni alike crowd around the table to squeeze into the tiny frame of Arthit’s phone screen for one of the last pictures they’ll probably get the chance to take before the end of the night. The end of a growing process for the freshmen. The end of the hazers’ chapter of leadership. The end of a cycle for the recent graduates.  The… Read more Picture This

Wake Me Up Before You Go

Warnings: Slight OOC, Descriptions of Injury and Medical Procedure Kongpob both anticipates and dreads these visits from a man who disappears as suddenly as he shows up. Kongpob thinks he should be used to it by now. Given, it’s only the fifth time it’s happened, but the visits come with a confusing mix of dread at the knowledge that these visits only happen because of an injury, but relief because at least it usually not serious enough to justify an urgent visit to A&E. After all, this is the blunder… Read more Wake Me Up Before You Go

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